Vision & Objectives

Kilgariff Estate will deliver a greater mix of attractive housing options, built upon the principles of innovation, diversity, sustainability and community.

Framed by world-class natural features within a unique desert landscape, Kilgariff Estate will strive for liveability appropriate for the climate and promote the efficient use of the land.

Stage 2 is inspired by the natural surrounding elements, showcasing the magnificent orange of a desert sunset, grey of the surrounding gum trees, green of the parks and reserves and vivid blue of a clear desert sky. At Kilgariff Estate you’ll find a range of lot sizes to suit all lifestyles, from first homebuyers to growing families and downsizers. Options include traditional blocks offering room for a growing family, low to medium density lots for stylish townhouses development

Kilgariff Estate residents pride themselves on their community culture and we seek to uphold and build upon this strength.

Key development objectives vital to achieve this vision include:

  • A mix of housing options for the local community.
  • Promoting sustainability through maximising climatically appropriate development.
  • Connection with the landscape.
  • Building a safe and connected community.

Key outcomes of Kilgariff Stage 2 include:

  • A mix of housing options appropriate for the local community
    • A lot mix responding to the emerging needs of the local community.
    • Options include a range of lot sizes from large traditional blocks offering room for a growing family, to stylish townhouse developments.
    • Maintains an average single dwelling lot size consistent with the existing community.
    • Smaller lot and multiple dwelling product introduced in strategic locations within Stage 2.
  •  Promoting sustainability through climatically appropriate development
    • Local climate considered through the subdivision layout – increased proportion of north/south promoting street address and appropriate solar exposure.
    • Public realm landscaping to be considerate of the local climate.
  • Connection with landscape
    • East-west roads promoting views out of the development toward the existing landscape. Views into the development from the Stuart Highway are also promoted, whilst maintaining an appropriate buffer to mitigate noise impacts.
    • Combining public open space and drainage features. Capitalise on underutilised drainage corridors, promoting passive recreation and providing amenity within the suburb.
    • Drainage areas to recognise the importance of local water infiltration.
    • Public realm design which promotes infiltration of water.
    • Robust public realm landscaping focusing on providing a utility for shading and wayfinding.
  • Building a safe and connected community
    • Integrate local streets with open space to create a cohesive network of natural areas for connectedness, recreation and amenity.
    • Promoting walking and cycling through connections for active transport and passive recreation.
    • Centrally located, convenient and accessible public open space.
    • A development underpinned by the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.