What services are available on site?

Kilgariff is serviced by underground electrical, sewer, water and telecommunications networks. Kilgariff is the only suburb in Alice Springs to have NBN fibre-to-the-premises service. Kerbside rubbish collection is provided by Alice Springs Town Council.

What public amenities are currently available?

Ruffino Park provides a family oriented meeting place, and there is a concrete paved bike path to the town centre. Public facilities planned for future stages include parks, recreation facilities and walking/cycling trails.

Who maintains the park in Kilgariff Estate?

Ruffino Park is maintained the Alice Springs Town Council.

When can I buy a block?

Stage 1 of Kilgariff Estate is sold out. Stage 2 land titles will be available for sale off the plan in April 2021with settlement on completion of subdivision works scheduled for late 2021.

How many homes will there be at Kilgariff Estate upon completion?

The Kilgariff Area Plan envisages a total of approximately 1,800 homes that could be provided at Kilgariff into the future.

Where is Kilgariff Estate?

Kilgariff is located along the Stuart Highway, approximately 6km south of the Gap.

Are there any bus connections available?

There is a bus stop on Norris Bell Avenue opposite the Alice Springs Lawn Cemetery. Bus Route 301 runs to Alice Springs Town Centre from here.


What are the building timeframes at Kilgariff Estate?

Purchasers will be required to have substantially commenced construction within 12 months of lot purchase and complete construction within 12 months of the construction date.

Do you have building covenants?

Design Guidelines are in place to preserve the integrity and enduring appeal of Kilgariff Estate. The vision is to achieve a contemporary community set in a quiet, serene environment with large open spaces to embrace the Alice Springs lifestyle.

What are the landscaping requirements at Kilgariff Estate?

Purchasers will be required to complete landscaping in accordance with the covenant conditions within 6 months of completing their build.

What type of housing is being built at Kilgariff Estate?

A number of local builders are providing a range of contemporary building products. Housing is predominately detached 3 or 4 bedroom houses, with a small number of semi-detached 2 and 3 bedroom units.


Will there be any commercial or retail facilities at Kilgariff Estate?

Yes, the Kilgariff Area Plan identifies the location for housing, retail, commercial, community and recreational facilities to be delivered as this master planned community grows. Community, commercial and retail uses are planned for future stages.

Will there be any recreational facilities at Kilgariff Estate?

Ruffino Park provides a family orientated meeting place. As Kilgariff grows, further public space will be provided, including walking trails linking and alongside Saint Mary’s Creek. Sporting facilities may also be incorporated in future stages.

Will there be educational facilities at Kilgariff?

The Kilgariff Area Plan allocates community purpose land within Kilgariff. The establishment of educational facilities will be subject to community demographics and future demand.