To preserve the integrity and enduring appeal of your Kilgariff Estate address, carefully-considered design guidelines are in place to be discussed with your builder when choosing your preferred home design.


The vision for Kilgariff Estate is to achieve a contemporary community set in a natural environment, with large open space areas and a village lifestyle feel that embraces the Alice Springs lifestyle.

To ensure these principles are achieved throughout the development, we have established a number of requirements within the Kilgariff Estate Design Guidelines.

The following principles will underlie the Kilgariff Estate community, and should be incorporated into your house design:

  • A neighbourhood that is laid back, open and leafy; embracing the Alice Springs lifestyle
  • Welcoming shady front of home façade that creates a positive relationship to the street
  • Façades with detail that promote a mixture of materials
  • An appropriate roof form that shades the walls and windows
  • Outdoor rooms for entertaining that also act as an extension of your home