To assist Kilgariff Estate residents in understanding your obligations under the covenants, a number of FAQ’s have been compiled below.

  • What is the purpose of the Covenant and what does it do?

    The vision for Kilgariff Estate is to achieve a contemporary community set in natural surrounds, with a strong sense of community and supporting a range of housing options and future amenities. To preserve the integrity and enduring appeal of your Kilgariff address and to minimise impacts on surrounding residents, carefully-considered design guidelines are in place to be discussed with your builder when choosing your preferred home design.

    The Design Guidelines are registered on each lot via the Covenant document.

  • How do I ensure that I meet the requirements?

    When designing your new home, share the Design Guidelines with your builder.

    There are also timelines required for your new home construction:

    1. Start building within 18 months of settling on the land, and
    2. Complete within a further 12 months.

    This provides 20 months (nearly 2 years) to build your new home.

    For more details, please read the Covenant document.

  • What happens if I don’t meet the requirements?

    We understand that circumstances provide challenges outside of our control. Where you are experiencing issues, please contact our team to discuss arrangements for your circumstances. Variations to the Design Guideline requirements may be considered on merit and on a case-by-case basis.

    While the Covenant does include a buyback option if your construction timeframes are not met, LDC is open to working with future residents where special circumstances arise.

  • How long does the Covenant last?

    The Covenant remains with the Land for its life however some of the requirements (such as construction timing) falls away once you have completed construction and received your compliance sign-off.


Covenant for each release:

Coolibah Release (draft)