Stage 2 FAQ’s

  • What sized lots will be available within Kilgariff Stage 2?

    The Land Development Corporation aims to make Kilgariff accessible for a greater mix of people while maintaining a safe and family friendly atmosphere. Stage 2 will provide more housing options within the estate, including traditional single dwelling lots and lots for multiple dwelling arrangements. There are 87 proposed lots for stage 2, including:

    • 71 traditional single dwelling lots.
    • 10 multiple dwelling lots.
    • 7 Lifestyle lots.
  • What are the prices of lots?

    Lot pricing is available on each of the land release pages.

  • What amenities will be available within Kilgariff?

    A neighbourhood centre is envisioned along Harris Avenue, to the east of stage 1 as identified in the Kilgariff Area Plan.
    Stage 2 will include a large park, pedestrian linkages and is adjoining a future community purpose area.

  • Will there be a park in Stage 2?

    Yes, the concept layout incorporates a centrally located park, to be delivered in Stage 2A.

  • Will smaller lots be provided?

    A key objective of Kilgariff stage 2 is to achieve a mix of attractive housing options appropriate for the Alice Springs market. This is achieved by mix of housing options including Lifestyle Lots, Traditional Lots and Multi Dwelling Housing in close proximity to the future neighbourhood centre, public transport and open space.

  • Will community housing be provided?

    There has been no approach to the Land Development Corporation from the Northern Territory Government with regard to community housing in Kilgariff Stage 2.

  • What will be provided within the Public Open Space? Will there be shading?

    The objectives of landscaping and public realm within Kilgariff is to respond to the environment of Central Australia. This will include:

    • Providing versatile, diverse and high quality open spaces reflective of Central Australia’s arid landscape. Kilgariff Stage 2 will focus on creating comfortable parks, connections, public spaces and streetscapes through the use of trees and vegetation for shade offering comfortable environments that promote a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle.
    • The design and facilities provided within the proposed park will be in accordance with the requirements of Alice Springs Town Council. This includes the provision for shading. The park will promote intergenerational use including facilities to encourage all ages to be physically active and build social connections across generations.