Construction updates

Civil Construction Updates – Coolibah Release (Stage 2A)

September 2021

Civil construction work started on Stage 2 in June 2021.

Reputable Territory based contractor BMD will be completing the construction at Kilgariff Estate.

Access to the site will be via Colonel Rose Drive. This will ensure that traffic along Welton Parade is maintained for existing Stage 1 residents during construction.

Works on important infrastructure is currently underway, close to existing residences along Fadelli Street and Welton Parade (refer map below).

These works will include excavation of deep trenches up to 8 metres in depth and approximately 10 metres wide at the top for the laying of sewer and stormwater infrastructure. These works are programmed to take approximately four weeks, with completion aimed for mid-September.

During this time, residents on Fadelli Street and Welton Parade will notice works close to your boundary. The contractor, BMD Urban, are employing significant resources to mitigate noise, vibration and dust from construction activities.

The generation of dust from excavation and temporary stockpiling of material associated with the sewer works is unavoidable. However, the following additional dust mitigation measures are being implemented:

  • Active water spraying of the fresh stockpiles of material from the two semi-trailer water trucks.
  • Application of a binding agent to minimise dust from winds heading in the direction of residences.
  • Installation of a windsock to quickly assess any changes in wind conditions and adjust work activities as much as possible to mitigate dust impacts on residents.

While the best possible mitigating measures are being implemented, due to the nature of local conditions there will be situations when unfavourable wind conditions are likely to blow dust toward homes.

We ask that residents be conscious of the wind strength and direction, and take measures to mitigate dust entering you home (i.e. shutting doors and windows). This will be especially important when strong south easterly winds occur, as are forecasted early next week. A useful wind forecast web site is: Alice Springs Wind Forecast, NT 0870 – WillyWeather.

These works will form an important link of infrastructure which will serve future Kilgariff releases. Completing these works now will minimise future disturbances as the suburb grows.



Should you have any questions at any time please contact Ryan from BMD.

BMD Contact 
Ryan Doherty
0427 062 327